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We create luxurious living spaces, designed and constructed meticulously to maximise modern living requirements and complement your lifestyle. Our competitors focus on the maxim 'build first and design later' - we incorporate the design element from the very beginning, ensuring that the final result beautifully reflects the initial vision.

We comprise Architectural Services, Interior Design and Build/Construction and take responsibility for the totality of a project. Self-managing a large scale home improvement project can be an overwhelming task. With no fixed point of contact or clear lines of communication, construction projects are often delayed, have conflicting objectives, and can end up with spiraling costs. Our full-circle service does away with these issues. We save you time and money on fees by being your one, clear point of contact - we speak to all stakeholders on your behalf, providing you instead with a stress-free experience for the full term of the project.


Traditionally, clients approach an architectural firm for design and planning, hire a contractor for the build process, have numerous points of contact, and interior design is an afterthought. We have seen projects delayed and budgets destroyed, ending in many tears and stress.

And so our full-circle home improvement service was born - we meet the need for a holistic service where the overall responsibility lies with us as the one principal stakeholder and therefore reduces stress for you.

The team at Sea Interiors® has many years of experience working in the Interior Design industry, specifically the residential sector. Our core design principles revolve around stunning aesthetics partnered with usability and functionality. We consider the use of colours, balance, pattern, scale, movement, shape and visual weight to achieve the most visually appealing space for you.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of undertaking various home creations, from new builds and full refurbishments, to luxury kitchens and bathrooms throughout London and the home counties.




of what we do. We place heavy emphasis on listening attentively from the outset and have a genuine desire to create luxuriously designed homes that are timeless and a pleasure to live in. We care about milestones and budgets, and delivering on our promises.

We know that clients' homes are personal and as such we place emphasis on respect and sensitivity. We ensure that teamwork, dedication and a genuine love for all things design is apparent in all our processes.